Thursday, February 10, 2005

Saving Strategies or how to make the small stuff add up!

I work in a gym. For anyone out there who think fitness instructors make a killing, you obviously haven't seen my paycheck or the paychecks of my colleagues. Its ok though, I like the fact that I can't skip my workout if I don't feel like going. My job keeps me in shape and healthy, I really can't ask for more. A few days ago a coworker who works only one day per week for 3 hours in the nursery, told me she had been putting her paychecks in a seperate bank account since she started working there and now she has over $ 3,000.

I've always thought about doing the same and now I'm convinced.

The other recent savings event around here is discount night at the local specialty fruit/veggie market. To be honest this place has a bakery, a butcher, a gourmet cheese section, its pretty hoity toity but the veggie prices are fair and the Silk is the cheapest around here at $2.99 a half gallon. Wednesday nights between 6-9pm they take 10% off your total order. I've known this for years but I can't bear the crowds. Of course I'm used to traveling with a pack of kids so that could be why. we recently discovered that my hubby gets home just about the time discount night starts and he's so in the zone when shopping that the crowds don't bother him. So for the past three weeks, he has detoured on his way home to grab apples, potatoes, onions, bananas, and Silk. The average savings is around $3.00. In a year that will be about $156. I like that!

Our food bill has recently begun to go up, as we are almost out of the vegetables that we canned and froze this past year. Although we still have plenty of frozen pumpkin and squash. Canning was an exciting, though stressful little endevour. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and plan to do more this year.

Little things really do add up and based on that, I have to go sew the curtains for my sons' bedroom because there is no way I'm paying for curtains!

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