Thursday, February 24, 2005

More entertaining!

Our last round of entertaining went fairly well. There were some minor difficulties and changes but overall a success. If I came away from it with one thought it would be this:

If you don't want to eat vegetarian/unfamiliar food, perhaps you should bring something you do enjoy rather than barely nibbling for two days!
However that comment only refers to one person, everyone else had a culinary blast. My next challenge is to feed my brother and sister-in-law Friday. Since menus are always a point of curiosity here's mine:
Homemade pizza with soy cheese, black olives, portabello mushrooms and artichoke hearts. Never fear, some will just have the soy cheese. My sons don't like stuff on their pizza.
French Onion Soup
Pumpkin Cookies
Coffee or Tea
I've also been asked to share some quick and healthy recipes during their visit so the menu may expand based on that. I was upfront with my brother about the menu, I never try to "fool" someone. I think that does everyone a disservice.

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