Monday, May 16, 2005

The Buffet in Your Backyard

A few weeks ago I shared my daughters disgust with my use of dandelion greens in our dinner. She's gotten over it and, since I've promised not to tell her friends what they are, is willing to eat them. It is funny how we must work to get past our personal biases.

I've just been made aware of a website that is chock full of information about a huge variety of wild edibles. It has photos of the plants to help you identify them, habitat information, nutrient analysis, and recipes.

It also has information about common things that are mistaken for food, like the plants I've always assumed are wild strawberries. The ones I've seen in my backyard have yellow flowers and, even though they aren't poisionous, tend to upset peoples stomachs. I didn't know that until I checked out this site and am quite glad that I found out. Here's the web site, its definitely worth a look.

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