Friday, May 06, 2005

When Is a Splurge a Bargain?

While counseling a nutrition client, I was complemented on my purse and asked where I got it. I got the purse at a craft fair. It's hand made and if I remember correctly it cost about $50. How is this frugal you ask? Is this frugal woman a fraud?

I don't think so. I bought the purse in 1997 and it still looks brand new today. It was a Mother's Day present to myself. For years I had admired this purse with its "Children of the World" fabric. When we first embarked on our adoption journey, I made a promise to myself. When the phone call came telling me a was child waiting for us, I would buy myself the purse I always wanted. It would be a calling card of sorts, a multicultural purse for the mother of a mutlicultural family.

The 6 year old child that sparked the purchase of that purse is almost 14 and will be entering high school in the fall. I still use that purse every single day. I'm fairly certain that my splurge, over time, has proven itself a bargain.

When I shared this with my client her eyes lit up. It turns out she was an adoptive mom as well. Definitely money well spent.

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