Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Two Reasons to Love Your Java a Little More

I confess, I love my morning coffee. I also love my midmorning and afternoon coffees as well. Yes its true, I average three cups of coffee a day. I do so without guilt. My coffee is organic, fair trade, and I drink it black. It's not a dessert like the huge Cafe Mocha with whipped cream I used to drink in Starbucks.
That's enough about me and my coffee habit. Read on to learn why you should love your coffee too. (If you're hoping its the miracle cure for some ailment, don't bother reading on, you'll just be dissapointed.)

Reason 1
Ants Hate Coffee
I don't recall where I stumbled across this gem of information but its true. Ants won't cross a line of used coffee grinds. If you can find the spot where the ants are coming in, block their path with your used coffee grinds. Its a great alternative to pesticides and its readily available. We've used it in several spots and it works really well. Best of all I'm not worried about the kids or dogs poisoning themselves.

Reason 2
Your Plants Love Coffee Too
Adding used coffee grinds to your houseplants gives them a boost. I just put a spoon or two in each pot avery few weeks and the plants thrive. I also pour leftover coffee onto them (let it cool down first.) Outside, I've put the coffee grinds directly on day lillies and roses with good results. Any coffee grinds that I don't have an immediate use for end up in my compost heap. According to Mary Appelhof in her book Worms Eat My Garbage, coffee grinds work well in worm composting bins as well.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I'm so glad to see another veggie that loves their morning coffee! My mornings wouldn't be the same without my morning soy lattes. I've gone through 4 espresso machines in 10 years.

Katie said...

My nutrition clients inevitably tell me they drink coffee with eyes lowered, as if confessing a sin. They are always greatly relieved when I absolve them by letting them in on my coffee habit.