Saturday, September 03, 2005

Canning & Curtain Update

I finished my tomato canning for until the next CSA pickup. To help get the tomato sauce boiled down to half of the original volume (most canning recipes for tomato sauce require this) I tried a different technique than I have in the past. I prepped the sauce up to the point where it just needs to cook down and then put in the fridge for the night. I set my alarm for 5:15 am and stumbled out of bed long enough to put the pot on the stove, uncovered to begin the simmering. By having it all ready to go and getting it started that early I was able to get the actual canning done by 2:30pm. This worked much better for me than when my canning ends at 9:30pm.

We also got the first four panels of curtains hung this afternoon. I'm really pleased with the way they came out. I just have one and one half more to go and I'll be done with them all.


Sunflower said...


I sure wish you could post pictures! :)


Katie said...

I know,its pitiful that I blog but I don't have a digital camera!