Thursday, October 05, 2006

Links for Some Veg-Related Freebies

I recently got an email from with these links for free vegetarian and vegan information, recipes, and other free stuff. I've cut and pasted in the body of the email below. I've visited most but not all of these sites.
Free easy vegetarin and vegan recipes, tips on how to go vegan, health info you need to know and more.
Lots and lots of recipes, and more.
Learn more about how a plant-based diet benefits not only your health and the animals, but also workers, the environment and the entire planet.


Here are some more places online where you can order FREE vegetarian recipes, magazines and more:

FREE DVD with music videos and interviews from vegan bands, free stickers and more:

FREE CD-R of "Meet your Meat" Video:

FREE PETA Kids magazine subscription:

FREE Animal Comic books:

FREE Vegetarian Bumper Sticker:


Harmonia said...

Thanks for the linkies! Oh! Veggin Out says it's your b-day! Happy Birthday! There is a note on the site for you in the general area when you have time to log on!

Katie said...

Yes it is, thanks Harmonia!

Anonymous said...

thanks for so many links!