Tuesday, October 10, 2006

If I Were a Window, I'd Want to Be Dressed!

Despite my best intentions, a quirky laptop prevented me from posting this weekend. Sorry to everyone who checked in hoping for something new. We snuck away for a beautiful fall foliage weekend in the Adirondacks. It was also an opportunity to close things down there for the winter since the night time temperature was getting down into the 30's regularly. We spent a lot of time and energy snugging up last year at both places but it seems there's always more to be done.

We turned our attention to a large window over the kitchen sink that just has a swag over it. Down came the swag and up went a quickie curtain made out of a fleece blanket. We took another fleece blanket and thumbtacked it to the wall behind our regular curtains to cover another large window. (The curtains on this window didn't lend themselves to being lined with fleece permanently.) In the girls room, we slid a blanket between the window and the curtain rod and just folded it over the top of the rod. Finally there was the obligatory plasticing of our bedroom window.

Now some of these fixes are only practical because we don't live there full time. Thumbtacked blankets and blankets resting over curtain rods wouldn't last long in a house with four kids everyday. Clearly I would need to do something more permanent as mentioned in the link above. Whatever your method of choice, its time to get those windows covered to avoid heat loss.

BTW, lining the curtains at home, although time consuming, was a very worthwhile task. The only flaw I can see is the potential for moisture to develop between the curtain and the window. However, this is easily eliminated by opening the curtain daily when the sun is shining in.

I'm tossing the last of the seitan into the slow cooker along with potatoes and kale for tonight's dinner. The week looks pretty busy but I'm anxious to check out the bread recipe that Barbara posted on her blog Frugal Portland Living. Its whole wheat and sounds divine.


Anonymous said...

Windows aren't just for your computer!

Hey, the seitan in the slow cooker along w/potatoes & kale sounds divine!!!

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me more about what you do with seitan, i need some recipes or tips if you can !

Katie said...

Johanna, I'll share some of my seitan tips on Thursday.

Kleopatra, it was really good!