Saturday, October 22, 2005

Snugging Up

First of all, for Judy and anyone else who was curious, the recipe for Pumpkin Muffins appears in the May 4, 2005 blog entry. Just click on May's archives and scroll down for the date. I'm going to need an index soon!

The baked mac & cheeze was a delicious end to a pretty good experiment. Jim didn't even realize that the veggies had been part of the original soup. We did add some collards for color (it was a little too yellow/orange without them) and because we certainly have plenty of them. As long as they are cut into small pieces, my kids love collards.

Jim's ended up working this weekend so our insulating plans at the cabin have been pushed off. I've turned my attention to snugging up this house. (I'm not certain that snugging is a word but if its not, it should be.) Joanne Fabric has all its fleece on sale so I bought enough to line the back of all the curtains here. At $3.99/yard I probably could have done better by locating thrift store blankets but that would be hit or miss and, gas being what it is, it didn't seem frugally logical. Also, the curtains here are mainly shades of beige. Any patterns on thrift store blankets would show through making them useless to me. When he's not working, Jim will be putting door sweeps on the bottom of the doors to keep out drafts.

I've come across some interesting items in magazines recently. Although I'm not a fan of Vegetarian Times, check out pg 10 of the November/December issue for a tasty sounding, vegan, tofu based unturkey. The October/November issue of Mother Earth News has a great article on page 102 called, "Make Your Own Whole Grain Cereals."


Jacq said...

Hi there!

Your kids really like Tofurky? We've tried it and don't like it at all. Plus it is very expensive here. I made my own version as a casserole with stuffing on the bottome and tofu that I marinated in Bragg's, garlic and toasted sesame oil on the top. It was a big hit. :) (We've already had Thanksgiving here in Canada).

Katie said...

Its good to hear from you!

Believe it or not they really do love Tofurky. I wouldn't mind skipping it because it is super expensive but I might wind up with a mutiny on my hands if I do.

Yours sounds good. Did you crumble the tofu on top or slice it?