Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vegetable Soup-Day Two

Last night's soup with the Cajun spices and peanut butter was a big hit. It almost made up for the fact that I took the wrong bag to my continuing ed class last night. I opted not to put in dumplings last night because I was in and out of the house too much to give them proper attention. Tonight I only have a 7pm class to teach so I should have plenty of time to make the dumplings.

I've cooked up some white beans again, because there flavor is mild. I'll be pureeing the white beans with some cooked pumpkin/winter squash and adding that to tonight's version of the soup. I decided to use pumkin puree because, despite having at least three more harvests from our CSA, our freezer is totally full! Since the pumpkin I had on hand was getting funky, I had to cook it or lose it, hence the addition to tonight's meal.

Since I still have far more veggies in the fridge than we can use in a week, I'll be exploring canning possibilities. I'll also be reorganizing the freezer portion of our refrigerator to see if that gives me more space. Although I mostly use containers in the freezers, I've just resorted to freezer bags to make use of the space in between containers. So far its working like a charm. I think we will easily make it through the winter on this year's CSA shares and I find this really exciting.


Ruthie said...

Sounds great, Katie!

I set up a new blog for myself. I'm trying to keep better track of my frugal ventures :)


Katie said...

Hey Ruthie,
I can't wait to check out your blog later. I've got to head out to teach a Pilates class right now.