Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Muffin Rx

Yesterday I ran a little short on hours in the day. To make up for this, I was up by 5:45am baking muffins for a preschool nutrition/fitness program that I teach every month. In a spectacular moment of brain death, I forgot to add sugar to the batter. I was pulling the first 24 muffins out of the oven when I discovered this. They tasted awful. Fortunately, I had enough batter for another 24. I added the sugar, popped them in the oven and pondered what to do with the first 24 muffins.

I couldn't use them on the preschoolers, they'd never trust me again. I couldn't use them as is on my kids, they'd throw them in the woods on the way to the bus stop. Right then my older son wandered out and asked for a muffin. Then it hit me, sprinkle of sugar on top! Sugar on the surface of food gives the illusion that the food is sweeter than it really is. Clearly this was what I needed. I opted for powdered sugar because it clings to food better than granulated sugar.

I held my breath while my son took a bite. He never noticed, he was too impressed with the powdered sugar on top! A drizzle of maple syrup right before serving would probably work well also.

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