Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Veggie Soup - Day One

I did make that huge batch of veggie soup yesterday. It worked out really well except I forgot how long it takes 16 quarts of anything to heat up and cook. Dinner was a little late last night because of this. Here's what I ended up putting into the soup:
3 leeks
a refrigerator drawerful of carrots cut into coins
3 bunches of red radishes with greens chopped
8 large potatoes chopped
1 whole bulb of garlic chopped
a mystery container from the freezer labeled "broth"
thyme and sage

I had never added radishes to a soup before but according to Carla Emery in the Encyclopedia of Country Living, they cook up just like carrots and the greens are edible so we gave it a try. They worked out very well, the peppery taste added a nice touch to the soup and the chunks themselves were fairly mild after simmering a while.

Last night we served the soup with tofu sliced into "steaks" and sprinkled with a little Braggs, garlic powder and Italian seasoning. I baked the tofu for about 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. You could certainly turn it over to make it crispy but I didn't bother. We also had toast some Tofutti Cuties that my mom had brought over the weekend.

For tonight's dinner I'll be using some of that soup as a base and adding some Cajun seasoning and a scoop of peanut butter along with some white beans that I soaked overnight and started cooking in the crock pot this morning. I know peanut butter and Cajun seasoning sounds odd but I found that tip in one of Nava Atlas' cookbooks and it really lends richness to a dish. I may give dumplings a try tonight as well.

Tuesdays are manic at our house with my teaching schedule and the CSA pick up. Thankfully I only have five more weeks of continuing ed classes and the CSA is winding down as well. For anyone thinking about joining a CSA, now is the time to get info. Our CSA does sign ups beginning in the fall for the following year's harvest. Our CSA actually sold out its shares this year so checking it out now may save you dissapointment later.

In an effort to make good nutrition real to my continuing ed participants, I've been cooking for my classes. So far I've shared pumpkin muffins and apple crisp. Tonight I'll be sharing some kind of apple muffin or loaf recipe. (I still haven't found my old apple bread recipe. Grrrrr!) I think its so important to show people that healthy vegan food can be yummy too. There are far too many people who think vegans just gnaw on wood chips or things that taste like wood chips.


Judy386 said...

Can you share the pumpkin muffin recipe? I love anything pumpkin! I made my own hummus for the first time Sunday. I combined some recipes though as I didn't have all the ingredients. Ended up being a combo from PETA's cookbook and a recipe online. Turned out yummy!

Ruthie and Russell said...

Judy, I made pumpkin pancakes the other day, they were really good. :) Did you know you can replace up to half the fat in any baking recipe with moist mashed veggies or fruit such as pumpkin or applesauce? I've also found you can generally add about a cup of pumpkin to most baking recipes if you cut back on the soymilk. Its super delicious in blueberry muffins. :-D


Katie said...

I think the pumpkin muffin recipe is in the archives but I have to check through. I'll either find the link or put the pumpkin muffin recipe up in the next day or two.

Your on your way Judy, combining recipes like a pro. That's how it all begins!