Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vegetable Soup-Day Three

The dumplings in last night's soup got mixed reviews. No one hated them but no one loved them either. I used a cornmeal dumpling recipe which I suspect was part of the problem. The taste of cornmeal complemented the soup nicely but makes a drier more crumbly dumpling. What I appreciate most is everyone ate their meal with the understanding that the dumplings wouldn't be appearing again. The soup itself, with the addition of pureed white beans and pumpkin was thick, creamy and delicious.

Tonight I'm going to use Ruthie's idea and make hot pockets using the vegetables from the soup and bread dough. If there is any of last nights soup left over after lunches are made, I might use some as a gravy inside the pockets or maybe over the pockets.

BTW, I know people are always curious about how my kids fare on a vegan diet so I thought I'd share this with you. My daughters' who are 13 & 14 recently went for their physicals. When the doctor reviewed their charts we discovered they had not had a single sick visit in the last year. My youngest son (age 5)had no sick visits either. My 6 yr old son did have pneumonia last year but he was born 9 weeks premature, has asthma and he's prone to pneumonia. And no he wasn't premature because of my vegan diet during pregnancy, he's adopted!

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