Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mel's Haircut

Mel is our bichon, he's a furry little family member who needs very expensive haircuts about every two months. Two years ago we stopped taking him to the groomer, at $50/haircut it was getting too expensive. For the last two years, he's had a variety of hideous hair trims by one of us using a scissor. We keep planning to buy a clipper but a good one is over $100 and bichon hair is coarse enough to need a good trimmer.

Jim mentioned Mel's hideous haircuts and my search for a high quality clipper on ebay to his carpool buddy, Joe. Joe immediately offered Jim a Flowbee that was collecting dust as his house. Joe said it worked great but they no longer used it.

For anyone who doesn't remember the commercials, a Flowbee hooks to the vacuum cleaner and sucks the hair up while it shaves it off. I always thought it looked ridiculous but I'm a changed woman. That little gizmo gave Mel the first decent haircut he's had in 2 years and there was no mess on my floor. I have no plans to use it on anyone's head yet but it was wonderful for the dog and the price was certainly right. Jim was able to reciprocate with some spare golf clubs that were taking up space in his trunk, which was nice.


Judy386 said...

I can definitely relate as I have 2 chow chows. It's $75 (each) to have them groomed. I've been doing my best the last few months but they are looking pretty funny! The one thing I can't/won't do are nails. I really messed up one time and thought I was going to have to go to the emergency vet as it just wouldn't stop bleeding. I just try to walk them enough that the pavement keeps them filed down. It's easier for everyone that way!

Katie said...

I hate clipping my dog's nails. My sister is a vet tech and I rely on her to do it most of the time.