Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scheduling Insanity

Did you ever notice that right before your schedule eases up it has to get super crazy? Mine is no exception. Through a rare stroke of scheduling brilliance, I'm slated to work at the gym until 5pm and then do a fitness program at the Girl Scout Council, across town, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. The only good news is the Girl Scout Council is 2 minutes from my house. Its another, slow cooker night.

For tonight, I'll be making a lentil & rice casserole inspired by the one in Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy. I usually make this in the oven but it will work just as well in the slow cooker, although since I am using the slow cooker, I will use barley instead of rice. I prefer French lentils to regular lentils because they have less of a sandy texture and they maintain their shape through cooking. The original recipe doesn't call for vegetables, except onions, to be added. I always add in whatever I have on hand; root vegetables work very well. I skip the cheese that the original recipe calls for.

Click here to see my review of Jonni's book.


Ruthie said...


Is this the same recipe as the one in the Tightwad Gazette? I tried that lentil rice casserole and found it OK but bland. I was thinking the addition of veggies and soycheese sauce would really bring it up to par.


Katie said...

Its a very similiar recipe. It can be a bland recipe without adding veggies. I have sprinkled Fake Fake (a cheese substitute that uses walnuts, nutritional yeast and garlic powder) over the top before serving but I've found that just adding veggies is usually enough.