Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Totally Floored!

Actually, I wish I was totally floored; right now I'm just a bit torn up. I'm talking about the floor in my kitchen, hallway and living room. We've needed to replace the rugs and linoleum for quite a while and today the process of removing the old stuff began.

After much discussion and price checking we decided to put down a laminate wood floor. Just this morning we chickened out. Once we calculated the cost of covering the 500 square feet we needed to cover (about $1900) we checked out other options.

Part of the problem, in my opinion, is that we'd have to cover such a large expanse of space at one time. Our solution is functional, decorative and much more economical. We've decided to put down self stick 18" x 18" tile through the hallway and kitchen. They have a lifetime warranty, the larger size will make the job move along quickly and, even though we'll have to put down a layer of thin plywood over then whole floor first, the cost is about 1/4 of what we were going to spend. Also if the dog decides to dig a hole in one of the tiles, as he did with the sheet of linoleum that had been in my kitchen, I can easily replace it.

We're going to leave the living room for after the holidays. We might put down carpet. We might put down a wood patterned self stick tile. We may even decide to put down the laminate wood flooring in there after all. No matter what we choose, I feel relief knowing that the price tag won't be as high and I won't have to pay it all at once.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the floor!

Anonymous said...

ive done self stick over lineleum and over tile...i love it...super easy to maintain, done in a day..and CHEAP..we did my old living room in wood look for under 200$ and got rave reviews and no fuss with the kids and all their dragging toys, i did the nursery for 38$...not a was discontinued stock, bathroom for 5 bucks ...i love the stuff.....enjoy

Celina in canada

Katie said...

Thanks Johanna.

That's awesome Celina.