Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Yesterday's mail came bearing gifts, The Vegan Lunchbox Cookbook has arrived! My kids have already begun to persue its pages. I'm sure lunch requests will follow, although lately my 14 year old just wants generic looking sandwiches. How boring!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the hunt begins for that perfect recipe to bring to the family table. It has to be omnivore friendly, it has to travel and reheat well. We cook it at our house and reheat it at my mom's.

In the past I've done Tofurky in a crock pot and Red Lentil Roast with Gravy. I'm looking for something new. I can't bear the thought of being accused of eating "boring" food.

I'm leaning towards one of PETA's nut roast recipes. There are more of them in The Compassionate Cook. Check out a whole range of vegetarian holiday recipe options. I will definitely be making the pumpkin pie recipe that I posted last year. It was easy and gave extremely consistent results.

I'm planning to do a practice run of whatever main course I choose on Saturday. I think its important to do a practice run or you might take a real stinker to the party, like the horrible acorn squash recipe I tried last year. As vegetarians, like it or not, the pressure is on you to prove that your food is just as tasty as everyone elses. There's just too much bad PR to deal with if the dish isn't delicious.

I'll try to get all the other Thanksgiving posts organized under the "vegetarian holiday cooking label" in the next day or two.


Anonymous said...

Fatfreevegan just posted a big Thanksgiving blog with a lot of information. She had a different version of PETA's nut roast (with lower fat) from here: She said her family enjoyed it. You can see her post with lots of other ideas at:

Sean Carter said...

Hey if you are looking for some interesting ideas and suggestions then do visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime soon....and i'm sure there are enough interesting stuffs that is sure to make your Thanksgiving celebraion a one to remember!!!!

Patience said...

I recommend a very elegant, holiday centerpiece dish that I make every year for Thanksgiving. It was featured in Vegetarian Times magazine in 1995, and I've made it ever since. It's attractive AND delicious. I describe it in my blog (, but I also managed to find the original article online:

Katie said...

Thanks for all the links. I'll be checking them out for ideas.