Monday, November 06, 2006

A Mini Bulk Cooking Spree

I've been itching to build on my first bulk cooking experience back in September but I've had trouble finding the block of time to do it. This weekend I did a smaller verison that should last the week.

I began by making 6 loaves of Barbara's bread. The results were once again spectacular. I should mention that this bread is a dream to mix in my bread bucket. It comes together into a ball beautifully and cleans the inside of the bread bucket in the interim. Like Barbara, I wind up using about 3 1/2 cups of whole wheat bread flour for each recipe.

I also made a huge batch of black beans and rice, actually I used barley. We had this for dinner Saturday along with salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips. The leftovers will be topped with cornbread batter for a meal later in the week.

I cooked up a big batch of white beans to use as the base for several meals during the week. Since the beans are already cooked, I can set them up in a recipe in the slow cooker the night before, refrigerate and then begin cooking in the morning. You need to have a slow cooker with a removable crock to do this.

Finally, I made 4 loaved of Apple Bread and a triple batch of my granola to use as breakfasts and snacks. I tried something new with my granola to cut down my use of sugar. I put 1 cup of date pieces into my Vita-Mix, covered them with water and pureed them. I added this to my granola recipe and cut the sugar from 3/4 per recipe down to 1/4 cup per recipe. That amount of dates is for the triple version of the recipe but you get the idea. The results were fabulous, no one detected the change and once I mentioned it, no one cared!


Ruthie said...

Hi Katie! Your bulk cooking session sounds great! Instead of bulk cooking, I am now doubling most of the recipes I make (actually, tripling) and then we just eat leftovers for subsequent dinners and lunches... being childless and not picky is a blessing sometimes! :)

By the way, thinking of your white beans, and the fact that you may have gone to a pumpkin patch again this year, I thought you might like this recipe for pumpkin-white bean burritoes. They sound intriguing to me. You could use the burrito recipe from Tightwad Gazette with this as the filling.

Peace! Ruthie

Anonymous said...

I love bulk cooking. I wanted a bread bucket ever since I read about it Tightwad Gazette. My daughter got me one about two years ago for Christmas but I have a hard time holding it like the pamphlet says to (I think my legs/arms are too short)!

Katie said...

Doubling or tripling recipes is a great way to make future meals a little less daunting. Thanks for the link it sounds good. Now all I need is the time to try new things!

My bread bucket clamps to the table, which makes it much easier to use. Can you anchor yours in some way?