Monday, July 23, 2007

What Do You Do With the Doggy Poo?

I finally jogged around the lake without stopping today! Its about three miles and I did it in 40 minutes. I know this is a pathetic time overall, my daughters can do it in about 29 minutes, but its my personal best. I'm also extra excited because I haven't jogged at all since 7/13 due to the yoga training I was attending. I did bike around the lake several times during the week. Ultimately however, I was able to maintain and actually improve my performance with a week of daily yoga. Its just one more reason to love yoga.

The summer is going well. We're keeping our spending and overall product consumption very low. I'm really trying to think about every purchase and every discard we make. For purchases I ask myself:
Do we need it? If we do need it, is it durable enough to last? Is there a better choice that might cost more but would work better in the long run? How much waste results from this purchase? Is there a non-electric option that would work as well?
For discards:
Is this still useable? Do I know anyone who can use this? Can I do anything with this before I throw it out? Is there a way to avoid having this garbage again?

Our little upstate town has forced us to re-evaluate our doggie poo disposal habits. We've always picked it up in old grocery bags and tossed it into the garbage can. I've always figured, I don't want anyone elses dog poo on my property so I'm not going to leave it on anyone elses. Here's the conundrum, our town doesn't accept animal waste in regular garbage pickup. As a result, my dogs now do their doody in the same wooded area that everyone elses dog does. But what to do when your dog does it somewhere else? Jim came up with a very simple solution, dig a hole and bury it. There are doggy septic tanks for anyone who's interested.

I never gave the plastic bags and doody a thought. Although, since I've been using cloth grocery bags, I don't have nearly as many plastic bags as I once did. Its so important to think things through, even when its something you've been doing for years.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just talked about this issue a little while ago on my blog, too. Check out this home-built doggie dooley system.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your running around the lake! Who cares how long it takes you...I know how proud it makes me feel when I run around the lake near my apt, regardless of time. Besides, you can only get better, right?!


Lois said...

Hi! I think I have read everything on your blog...I love it! My comments today are off subject but I have a question for you. I want to try to make your red lentil roast but I read you need to rinse them well before using and your recipe didn't mention rinsing. Can I make it without this step? Thanks in advance for your response.

KleoPatra said...

Good for you, runner! Be very proud of yourself. Wonderful!

Some very good thoughts to ponder on your post as well in regards to dog poo. i never really thought about it so much, just pick it up with a paper towel or baggie and toss it out...

Glad your summer is going well. Thanks for all the good proverbial food for thought about purchases and discards. Good stuff.

Jennifer C. said...

My area allows dog waste in the garbage, but I'm going to build the dog waste composter that Chile linked to. For transport, I've been picking it up in Bio-Bags, not the most frugal choice, but much better than plastic grocery bags, and they will compost!

Congratulations on your run! I'm also trying to improve my running ability, so thanks for the inspirational story!

Katie said...

Thanks for the link. That's such a simple solution.
You are absolutely right! Thanks.
I'm a lazy red lentil rinser. If I remember, I rinse them but if I forget, I don't stress about it.
Kleopatra & Jennifer,
Thanks for the good wishes, I am feeling pretty proud of myself. I agree the doggie composter that Chile linked to is a great idea. Years ago we used to have a gizmo that looked like a rake and shovel that was made to pick up doggie poo. I wonder whatever became of it because it would go nicely with the eco friendliness of the dog composter and it would be a one time expense.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read that an easy and cheap way to pick up dog droppings was with a tin can nailed to a yardstick. My tin can (marked with a Sharpie) says "Pooper Scooper" but my hubby hasn't produced a leftover chunk of wood for me yet. To push the droppings in, I was thinking it'd be useful to nail the can lid to another stick...

Not sure I can use it yet, though as I sized my home-built system way too small. What was I thinking? I don't own a toy chihuahua!

Anonymous said...

I'm not recommending breaking the rules, but I have to ask .... how does your town KNOW if there's doggy poo in the trash bag? Do they have dog poo sniffers or something? Inquiring minds want to know ....

Katie said...

Its a good question. Would you believe they spot check? Since the poop was always in a bag of its own in the big can (there's no way I'm putting dog poop in the kitchen garbage) mine was pretty easy to find.

I have a neighbor who had a rabbit and they ripped open a "suspicious" bag and discovered rabbit cage bedding. They won't take that either.

They slap a yellow sticker on your garbage stating your violation and from that moment on, your garbage is subject to closer scrutiny, unofficially of course.