Thursday, November 01, 2007

It Must Be a Tradition

I was just looking back in my archives to see if I had posted my leftover Halloween candy solution and I discovered that I made the exact same meal this year as last year! Apparently vegan sloppy joes are a Halloween staple at my house. Who knew?? I guess this underlines the need to have a repertiore of a few quick and easy meals to pull out for nights that spiral out of control.

This year I served the sloppy joes with baked potatoes instead of bulgur. I used homemade ketchup that I made and froze this summer in the recipe. The boys loved it more than storebought ketchup. Jim did not but he ate it anyway. (The girls ate at friends' houses so I have no input from them yet.) That's how it always goes!

Ruthie posted a Quick Raisin Bread recipe that I'm itching to try after work today. Conveniently, we've run out of quick grab breakfast items so it fits in nicely with my plans.

After a week of running around like a mad woman, my errands are all done. I've even put the car issue to bed and I did it all by myself. (Ladies, let's all stand up and sing a rousing chorus of "I Am Woman Here Me Roar") I have to confess, after 17 years of marriage, I prefer working as a team to flying solo on big decisions. (Although Jim was involved in the research at home, I was the one doing all the leg work.) I'm glad that's over and done with.

BTW, speaking of women roaring, does anyone else hate the image of the very pregnant woman that cafemom uses in all its ads? There's something about it that just irritates me. There's never a mom with a child, just a very pregnant woman. We're not all pregnant, all the time. It reminds me of a book Jim's been reading, The Terror Dream, about how images of women in post 9-11 America have been presented.


Ruthie said...

Yum, I hope you enjoy the raisin bread! We had your Chinese TVP Dinner tonight and it was good, fast and filling, like usual. :-) It's a little different every time I make it, but I think that's the point of frugal recipes!

I think it's so funny you made sloppy joes on Halloween last year, too! I never thought of eating SJ on anything other than a bun, I really need to expand my horizons.

Good job with the car thing. What did you decide?

Shaunta said...

The sloppy joes sound great. My birthday is just before Halloween, and my mom always makes my birthday dinner that night.

Katie said...

Truer words are rarely spoken Ruthie! So many things I make are a little different everytime! I agree, its a function of frugal living.

Thanks Shaunta.