Friday, November 16, 2007

Since When Does Thanksgiving Come So Early?

I just looked at a calendar and was alarmed to discover that Thanksgiving is next week! Aoogah!! Sound the alarm, I'm totally unprepared! Actually, I feel no stress at all about planning my holiday menu.

I'm not on valium, so it must just be the calm that comes along with eating and cooking a particular way over a really long period of time. I have plenty of food in the fridge, freezer and quasi root cellar (that's my cute way of saying where I store potatoes and squashes in baskets in my basement.) I also have a fairly large repetiore of recipes. I feel confident that a plan will naturally unfold this weekend. Just in case, I'l peruse my archives under vegetarian holiday cooking.

Once again, four Tofurky and four Tofurky gravies were purchased for our day after Thanksgiving family feast. Its really grown into a tradition around our house. With the discovery of the baked seitan recipe, I really think I could make my own Tofurky-like roast but I've been over ruled. My day will come! BTW, I experimented with baking the seitan in a covered pan rather than foil and it worked out very well.

Now I'm off to cook dinner, drive a child to work, clean a little, knit a little and chill a little.

Happy weekend to all!


Anonymous said...

I just realized that Thanksgiving was next week to--I am shocked!

Good luck with your meals!


Ruthie said...

Katie ~

I too, just realized the holidays are fast upon me, and I have inlaws visiting!

We bought a Tofurky on sale for $8. Russell insists it's the grossest tasting food in the world, but I've never had it. I must try your crockpot technique and see what I come up with. :-)


Chile said...

Usually I have my whole menu planned by now and the cooking schedule figured out. This year, I seem less into planning a complex meal. Instead, I'm trying to figure out local substitutes for some of my regular dishes. Maybe some shortcuts too. Just not wanting to do a full day of cooking! (And that's without a turkey...)