Friday, November 09, 2007

Knitting & Cooking

I've made it to Friday, I'm so grateful. This week was beginning to feel like it would never end. Of course its going out with a bang. Tonight, Rob's got a practice swim meet at the Y followed by a little party. On the positive side, I'd have to at least stop by there twice anyway to drive Tasha to and from work. I look upon the evening as a gas saving venture rather than a time sucking one! Actually, its a great opportunity to do some knitting. (There's a lot of down time at swim meets, even practice ones.)

This week in knitting class, I made my first practice heel flap for my sock. Its was exciting, and a bit stressful. I'm caught up in so many different knitting projects. I even started knitting a hat while I was waiting for Leen to get out of lifeguard training the other night. Can this obsession be healthy? Sure it can, its stopping me from eating all the Halloween candy.

In food news, we're finally coming to the end of the lettuce in the fridge. Now I just need to find something yummy to do with the daikon radishes. I welcome any suggestions. The funny thing is, despite the multitude of veggies I've used this week the fridge remains PACKED!

We made our first batch of candy chip cookies last night in celebration of Rob's report card. Kyle was so cute mixing the batter, tasting it every so often and exclaiming, "It's really very good!" I love that being vegan means never worrying if your kids eat raw cookie dough or cake batter. (Oh, and I can nip some of the batter too.) I think any time you cook with kids its a good idea to eliminate potential sources of salmonella and ecoli. I taught a nutrition program at a preschool for 10 years and we made all sorts of foods with the kids. I always used egg replacer and no one was the wiser. It gave me peace of mind.

Its already 1:15 and I'm still searching for dinner inspiration for tonight. I'm leaning toward something involving sweet potato (because I have them) and red lentils (because they cook up quickly). Right now I'm going to sneak off to the living room, where the wood stove is burning and the air is warm, to get some knitting done before I have to be mom again.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Funny you mention your obsession with knitting. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a little girl and I used to knit quite a bit until my kids came along and I was never able to find the time. From reading your's and Ruthie's blogs, I got the "itch" again and this morning went to Michael's and bought some yarn and a beginners knitting book. It's been almost 20 years since I last picked up a knitting needle so I hope it comes back to me like riding a bike. As soon as I log off the computer, I'm going to get started. Wish me luck! Michelle

Katie said...

Good Luck Michelle! When I first learned to knit having kids made it a challenge (ie finding time to focis as I learned.) Now that I've gotten more proficient, its therapy from the stress of having kids. This holds true as long as I avoid patterns that require a lot of attention once the kids are home from school.