Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Applesauce Mary!

It's madness around here. I'm spending my days weeding, mulching, staining and cleaning. All right, not every minute of every day but I did spread some wood chips out as darkness was rapidly enveloping my yard a while ago. This time of year there is so much to get done that you have to steal moments to do it.

I'm glad Crunchy Chicken posted her apple tips a few days back because it seems the apple tree that we leased is ready to bear fruit. Looks like we'll be heading to the orchard this weekend. There's something reassuring about knowing all those apples are heading our way, especially with the price of everything creeping up.

If I can mentally wander off for a brief mommy moment I'd like to share some good news. Kyle started swim team yesterday. It was his first time in the water since his surgery. I clued in the coach but I was almost afraid to watch since he wasn't that strong of a swimmer prior to surgery. He jumped right in and swam 25 yards, from one end of the pool to the other, without stopping!! I almost cried. It's official, he's fine and I have 4 more gray hairs (my oldest who's studying cosmetology keeps track, she finds it amusing.)

With swim team gearing up, its time for me to pick a new knitting project. I have to do something while keeping those bleachers warm. I'm just completing a pair of socks from Easy Knitted Socks.


Barbara said...

You're knitting socks already? I feel so slow. I'm still doing dishcloths on the bus to work and planning for a sweater this winter.

We have to make some apple butter to put up. We love homemade apple butter plus it smells so great while it's cooking down.


Katie said...

We love apple butter! If you're slow then I'm just fearful because the thought of a sweater scares me to death!