Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who's Crap Is This Anyway?

We're back at home. The many maladies of late summer are beginning to recede. Kyle got a clean bill of health from the surgeon on Tuesday and Jim is finally on the mend. My nerves are a little shot but each day is a little better. I am amazed by people who live with loved ones with chronic illnesses.

Looking forward I can't see too well because my view is blocked by piles of stuff. My house is in utter disarray. As I sort and store, I keep asking who's crap this is but the reality is, it's all ours. We have space, so we fill it up with stuff and we have too much stuff!

It was Eileen who commented on the ride home that she was going to go through her closet and get rid of most of what was in there. She went on to say that since she hadn't used it all summer, she obviously wouldn't miss it if it were gone. Wise words from a kid who just turned 16 two days ago.

So as I try to calm my nerves and get back to normal, my first task will be to go through the house room by room, yet again. I want to sort the useful from the frivolous, the time saving from the space wasting, the energy sucking from the energy saving.

I also have vowed to let my pantry dwindle down a bit in an effort to save some money (come on, I can't be the only one who's oil bill almost tripled from last year) and clear some space. Look for some creative menu ideas as this process progresses. I'll still have a pantry stash but I no longer want it to spread into rooms other than the kitchen.


Ruthie said...

Thank goodness you're getting back to normal.

I've been having this problem lately and it's kind of driving me crazy, I wonder if you can relate.

Side one: the tightwad who stores things for later use, keeps all receipts, uses recycled materials for crafts, buys used goods and stocks up on things that are a good value


Side two: the simple-living, clutter-hating, purist who wants to live in a cleaner, emptier space with less junk and more things that mean something to me, even if they cost more.

These two sides have been battling it out lately, and it's exhausting!

The simple living side wants to clean out the craft box of unused craft items, which the tightwad side is collecting from thrift stores and when they get marked down. Yes, it's nice to have a clean space but it's also nice to have cheap material to craft with!

GRR! Sorry, needed to vent. Your blog post is to blame.

Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

This is what I'm doing right now too!

I have the same battle Ruthie speaks of but I believe the simple living side is winning over here. I'm having a fit of fall cleaning fever I guess and feel the need to donate or chuck a lot. I am also looking forward to 2 kids b'days and a major gift giving holiday coming up that I'm sure, will fill the house back to the brim.