Friday, November 07, 2008

Frugal Veggie Train Travel

I managed to get a few more things made including:
Cuban Black Beans

Lima Bean bake


vegan rice krispy treats

bread crumb cookies with Halloween chocolate used as chips

Thinking I was pretty much off the hook with the food for people staying, I turned to Simple Foods for the Pack (thanks again Ruthie!!) for inspiration. I want to try to avoid buying food on the train ride as much as possible. If I'm spending money on eating out, it has to be a little more impressive than an overpriced veggie burger. I'm saving my money for a few vegetarian places in Sarasota.

So here's what I've put together for my train ride down:

Carob Fudge

Seed Date Fudge

unsalted mixed nuts

2 Clif Bars

3 aeseptic packs of chocolate Silk

dried cranberries

dried papaya

I figure there's no way to avoid buying coffee and water once the batch I leave with runs out, so I'll be buying those. Let's see how little I can spend and still have a good time.


Ruthie said...

Funny, I just made your lima bean bake last night...

cept I used red and white kidneys in place of limas

and didn't add enough water so it had kinda crunchy bits.

I think I need to tweak it to our tastes, it's really herby to me.

I served it with tahini gravy and biscuits and peas. :o)

Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

Do you have luck with the bread crumb cookies? I made them once and they were awful.....what's the trick? You are not the only one with left over chocolate.

Ruthie said...

OOOoo I love bread crumb cookies!

Put the batter in a pan for bread crumb brownies. :-)

Your breadcrumbs may have been rancid or too strong or something. I used wheat bread and corn bread.