Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope You All Had A Happy Thanksgiving!

I finished up the deep pink scarf this morning but my model is sleeping after covering a 5:30am lifeguarding shift this morning. I'll try to get some pictures up later.

We're just relaxing around the house accomplishing a bit here and there. We're eating leftovers from yesterday. True to my word, I kept it low key. Sourdough pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup, crumb cake, a tofu scramble with vegetables, orange juice and coffee made up our brunch.

For dinner I made a stuffing combining sauteed onions, mushrooms, brussell sprouts and butternut squash with bulgur. I placed this in a roasting pan and then topped it with Isa's quick gluten recipe from Veganomicon. I covered it and cooked it in a 325 degree oven. Viola, simple stuffed seitan which I served with biscuits and a simple gravy. The results were very good and I wasn't stressed.

I confess we did go shopping today but it was for tires. I don't think it should count as shopping since tires are a place where bald is definitely not beautiful.


Ruthie said...

Oh your meal sounds so good! Did you have that - ah! a real kitchen! moment? :)

Howd you guys like the movie?

Russell ended up buying anti-spyware software today. It was deemed a necessary emergency. I am still purchase-free.

Check out our meal on my new blog.

Chile said...

I'm ready to do a simpler meal for Thanksgiving. I always make too much food, I always get stressed by the work, and this year was no exception. The others said the food was fine but I found it disappointing.

I pledge to do it different next year. (Will ya'll plese come remind me of that the Monday before Thanksgiving 2009?)

Your brunch sounds wonderful, too!

Katie said...

Thanks! I guiltily confess to having enjoyed Twilight, the movie. I hang my head in shame!