Monday, January 12, 2009

A Kick In the Rear to Get Me In Gear

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Sometimes we all need a kick in the rear to get us moving in the right direction. It looks like I just got one this morning. It seems a coworker of mine went to work this morning and was greeted by a sign saying, "We will be closed today". While returning to her car, she encountered several electric workers who was there to shut off power to the building due to the financial crisis. It seems I'm out of a job.

Okay it's not the incredible financial crisis others are experiencing. I teach several places, most of which pay better than this one. (At this location, I only taught one class and my take home pay was only $7.06/week.) Even though this place has become a pit, I'm sad. Maybe its the just the fact that this is where I started my fitness career.

So I've spent the morning making calls, sending emails and trying to figure out my next move. There are 5 regulars who take my class there. I want to offer them an alternative venue so this class can continue. Maybe this kick in the rear means it's time to expand my home yoga studio class offerings?

Ever since the end of summer, people have been asking me about this and I keep putting them off. I think the time has come. But first I'll close my eyes and take a few deeps breathes in and out through my nose...


Chile said...

Oh wow, Katie, that would be a big step. It sounds like now is the time to take it. Breathe in, step, and go!

Ruthie said...

Oi what a wake up call indeed.

Best of luck! At that price, you could offer $5 yoga class to two people once a week and make more than you were before.