Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Ponder Spring in the Garden

It's cold in NY! So naturally this means I have to make a Calorimetry. It seems lots of people have been bitten by the calorimetry bug. This nifty little creation keeps your head warm and is a fine use of scrap yarn that you haven't already set aside for your log cabin blanket.

It seems the more you knit the more the people around you want you to knit. Just this past weekend my sons asked if I could knit them some thick socks for sledding. I'm slowly becoming a knitting machine, knitting for the warmth of her family. Oddly enough, despite all the knitting I've done, my yarn stash is remarkably intact.

Since I'm so cold, I feel compelled to look ahead to spring. So if you look for me you'll frequently find my nose buried in a seed catalog. I want to know what I can grow that is going to give me the most food with the least amount of space and minimal hassle.

So what are you thinking about planting?


Ruthie said...

Ooh that's a great pattern!!

Russell finally pulled out his hat I made him and is sporting it almost daily. Except for those days when it's 70, of course! :-)

Personal opinion, grow greens. Greens are insanely easy to grow from seed, among the healthiest foods you can eat, and require the least amount of space and work. Plus, there are so many diff greens out there that are available only from seed.

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck with potatoes grown in a garbage can. And folks say that they are good to grow at home because mass produced potatoes use lots of pesticides.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your website when I was trying to find a frugal vegetarian mom blog. Love it!
I can't wait to plant my carrots, beets, peas and beans. I have tried year after year to plant lettuce and spinach, but the rabbits in the neighborhood keep getting in there and eating them. (funny, they don't eat the carrot tops though) it's cheaper for me to buy greens from the local farms...just wish they were open all year long!

Anonymous said...

I grew tomatoes and bush cucumbers in hanging baskets off my porch last summer, they were small fruits, but good.