Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Holy Baked Carob Cruellers Batman!

My son wanted to help make dessert last night and I was feeling adventerous. We decided to try a recipe from The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook. We tried making Baked Carob Crullers.

I have to admit, it didn't sound promising to me. In my pre-veg, pre-nutritionist, pre-fitness instructor days, I dabbled in crullers. Glazed crullers, French crullers, unglazed crullers; I loved them all. Boy was I surprised!

We sprinkled cinnamon sugar on some and unsweetened, shredded coconut on the rest. The results were light and reminiscent of the crullers I remember, without the burps and heartburn that usually followed.

Second day softness can be a problem with baked items like this so I was apprehensive when I tasted one this morning. I was delighted to discover they still tasted fresh and soft. This recipe is a keeper.

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