Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Review of the Couscous Cereal

This morning I made Breakfast Couscous and it was delicious. It was a bit sweet so I'll probably cut the amount of brown sugar in half for next time but other than that no complaints from me.

The boys were the only other ones to sample it this morning. Am loved it. Kyle liked everything except the cranberries. He especially liked the raisins. I think the trouble with the cranberries was they were they were unsweetened ones from Just Tomatoes. These are great if you're looking for dried cranberries with no added oil or sugars. If you're used to dried sweetened cranberries, you might be in for a shock. I think almost any dried fruit would be delightful in this.

I wasn't sure if this recipe was one or two servings, I suspect it was two, but my kids devoured a whole recipe each and I did too. (Does that make me a pig??) I set out three bowls on the counter and mixed the dry ingredients right into each bowl. Then I added the boiling water from the kettle and mixed it around. Finally, I added the soymilk, gave a final stir and put a cake plate on top of each bowl to keep the heat in. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then everyone got to uncover their own cereal. I think they may have liked the experience of uncovering their own personal serving almost as much as they liked the cereal.

If you're not a regular reader of the Vegan Lunch Box, check out the Cheese Sticks entry. Isn't Jennifer just the most creative person you've ever encountered? I can't wait to try something like this for my kids.


Jennifer C. said...

Hi Katie,

I have been getting the dried cranberries from our local co-op which are sweetened with apple juice. They're not as sweet as the ones sweetened with sugar, but I assume much more kid friendly than unsweetened!


Katie said...


That's the type I normally buy. I bought the unsweetened ones just to try them. I think I like the apple juice sweetened cranberries best too!

Barbara said...

I've got that recipe saved to try soon. I'm not a fan of cranberries but my partner is. We have some dried cranberries, but I have no idea if they are sweetened or not.

Thanks for the report!


Katie said...

No problem Barbara

Fiber said...

Glad to hear the kids enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by! =)

Katie said...

Thank you for finding the recipe and posting it in the first place.