Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend Challenge

I'll be offline for the weekend but I thought I'd leave you with a challenge. Do something new and frugal this weekend. Here are some ideas but feel free to come up with your own.

• Make the side dish that you’re supposed to bring to the family BBQ instead
of buying it
• Skip the sales at the mall and go yard saling instead
• Make a plan for teachers’ end of year gifts so you’re not running out at the
last minute
• Do some vegetable gardening
• Start a project that you’ve been meaning to start
• Find a local farmer’s market

Share you're adventures with us. Have a great weekend!


Barbara said...


Thanks for the suggestion about the muffins. I think I'll do the bread crumbs thing. I have to start thinking more like you!!! :)


Harmonia said...

I am already working on #1...

Farmer's Market doesn't open until July hiss

Rachael said...

ooh, farmers market...regular saturday thing here, but always an adventure...

Ruthie said...


I was inspired to go find a farmers market this morning, even though I'm not local (visiting 'rents in law). We bought four ears of corn to roast on Monday, a couple of local red tomatoes for salads and sandwiches and a pound of beautiful local sunburst summer squash, I added two to the spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight and plan on putting the last one on a pizza. :) All organic, and in a really cool place. Now I need to figure out how to start knitting for my project to start! :)


Katie said...

Your welcome Barbara :)

What did you make Harmonia?
Our Farmer's Market opens the first weekend in June.

Rachel, I love the Farmer's Market, that's my kind of shopping!

Ruthie, that sounds so yummy! You know a lot of the craft stores have beginner knitting and crocheting classes. It might be worth a peek. I know the Michaels here offers them. I just checked on Michaels website and they have a location in Bozeman, MT. Might be worth a phone call or a visit once you move.

Jennifer C. said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the challenge.

I went to the thrift store yesterday. They had 50% off everything for the holiday. Got 2 skirts, 3 tops and an interesting vintage book on frugal cooking and only spent $20. Worked a bit on the garden too, but we are being taken over by SLUGS! Yuck, they are everywhere and eating all the smaller veggie plants, despite my best efforts to eliminate them. Any suggestions?

My CSA pick ups start on June 18 and I can't wait!

Katie said...

Hi Jennifer,

You're welcome! The thrift stores in my area generally do 50% off sales or bag sales to coincide with holiday weekends. Its a great bargain opportunity.

As for the slugs, I've always heard that you put a shallow dish of beer in the garden but I've never tried it myself. Thankfully, I've never had a slug problem. Check out
for other suggestions to help control them.