Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spring Frosts & Bulk Cooking Resources

There was a threat of frost last night. We ended up tossing a drop cloth over the plants in containers, just in case. I didn't have to worry about smashing the plants because they are all covered by milk crates to protect them from our cats. (All the world is their potty!) The drop cloth rested nicely on top. As for the potatoes, I just put the lids on the garbage cans. I don't think it actually got down to freezing but it sure came close!

Here's an interesting resource for anyone interested in vegetarian once a month cooking. It was mentioned on the Vegetarian Group a few days ago. Some of the recipes use a fair amount of dairy products but overall I like the concept. Its a spring board for your own ideas.

Now I'm off to start sewing the first of the denim summer quilts. Hopefully, I can get the sewing machine working without waiting for my 13 year old to show me again.

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