Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fitting in the Morning Jog

I've been jogging most mornings with my oldest daughter in a desperate attempt to stay in shape while not teaching this summer. So far so good. We started out mostly walking and we've gradually improved to mostly jogging. My daughter is much faster than I am but she likes the company so we continue to jog together.

Its so hard to get my behind out of bed in the morning to do this but once I've done it, I'm glad I did. Its also helped get our day started much earlier than we otherwise would. I know I've said it before, but I'm really not a morning person. The extra morning hours have helped us feel less rushed about chores and allowed us to better enjoy our leisure time though.

In an attempt to maximize our exercise time, we've added chore trips into the town onto the end of our jogs. Two days ago, we jogged/walked to town hall to pick up the dump pass. Today, after our regular jog, we headed to Stewarts to pick up orange juice (I know its not organic but you have to compromise somewhere!). We carried it home in our canvas bag, which got a strange look from the cashier or maybe she was just overcome by the sight of two smelly, sweaty women buying orange juice at 9:15am.

I force my daughter and myself to stretch when we get home. Its so important to stretch after exercising. We've done some standard stretches and some yoga. I'm pushing for more yoga since I'm planning to start working towards my yoga certifications soon.

Tomorrow, we're planning to jog all the way around the lake. Its a little over three miles. I know my daughter can do it, she's run two 5K races already but I'm a little concerned that I may make a fool of myself. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

How did your job around the lake go? - Crystal

Katie said...

We had an unexpected guest join us for our jog this morning. My hubby, Jim, who has never jogged before, came with us. Since it was his first time we decided to hold off on the 3 mile run. Instead we kept it close to the house so Jim could bail out if he wanted to.

It turned out we didn't have to worry. He hung in for the whole half hour run. He didn't even look stessed by the experience. Damn my short little legs, everyone jogs faster than I do!

There's rain in the forecast so we may not get to go around the lake until Thursday. i'll keep you posted.

Audrey said...

For extra power, get an old belt of Jim's,loop it into Biscuit's leash and let puppy power you around the lake - fast and two jobs in one!

Katie said...


If Biscuit were to start running while I was attached to him I fear I would fly behind him like a kite but I love the idea of hooking him to a belt. This would keep my hands free to protect my face when Biscuit pulls me off balance and I start to fall on it. (He's actually not that bad.)