Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gardening News

My youngest son Kyle, ratted me out yesterday. He told the life guard that I make ice pops out of leftover juice, like watermelon. I'm sure the life guard is trying to figure out where one purchases watermelon juice to make these ice pops. Not to worry, its only a matter of time before Kyle tells him that the juice comes from the bottom of the bowl of watermelon after all the pieces are gone. Kids, you've got to admire their honesty, no matter how much it makes you cringe.

The boys have been helping me a lot with my gardening. I've transplanted some of my container plants into the ground here to see how they fair in the shadier, more acidic soil. I've attempted to make the conditions more hospitable using compost from our very busy worm bin. Its truly amazing how quickly the worms create useable compost. I've also moved some of the plants still in containers to different locations to see how they do as well. I'm hopeful that I've found a permanent location for my strawberry bed but only time will tell.

I have really begun to enjoy having fresh herbs at my fingertips. The purple basil is the most exciting herb that I'm growing but I think that just because I started it from seed and it actually grew.

My collards have been under attack from some green worm that I assume is a cabbage worm. Picking the nasty little things off the plants and scraping away what I think are the eggs, has become a daily event. It seems to be under control now. Whatever the little things are, they have no interest in my swiss chard, beet greens or turnip greens.

The boys have both been helping me create borders around some of these gardening spots with bricks left over from an earlier project. Its funny how adding a simple border can give a project a finished look.

Jim's having some gardening adventures of his own in Dutchess. He just informed me that some of the Jerusalem Artichokes are now taller than he is. We planted three varieties and the favorite will be planted up here next year.


Rachael said...

purple basil is the sprouts this year unfortunatly didn't make it, though :(. It does, however, make really ugly pesto, so I do prefer the green for that.

Katie said...

I'm sorry about your purple basil. I've head terrible luck with purple basil in the past. I'm not sure what I did right this year.

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought about what the pesto might look like but pondering it now, I'm reminded of the time I drank black cherry soda and then got sick. I'm betting the puke was the same color as the ugly pesto!

I hope that wasn't too gross but its the first image that came into my head and I had to share it.

James said...

You mentioned that your soil was acidic and that part of frugality was long term health... Well you may want to attempt to remineralize your soil. Reminieralization is adding ground rock dust to the soil, which replaces the trace minerals that have been lost. I've done this, and my organic garden has simply exploded with bigger veggies, and I think better tasting produce. Here is a link... I don't know what source you may find there, but it is something to think about anyway.

Katie said...

Thanks for the tip and link, it sounds very interesting. Once your mind is open, there are so many non-chemical ways to improve our gardens.

SusanV said...

I love the idea of using leftover watermelon juice, and I have to agree that kids will say anything to anyone at any time. Sweet, but sometimes embarrassing for us parents!

Katie said...

Watermelon juice makes a really delicious ice pop. Actually any leftover melon juice works well. Its also a great way to use up that last bit of juice or smoothie.