Monday, July 17, 2006

Our Day at the Tag Sale

Our day of tag saling is as much about what we didn't buy as it is about what we did buy. Jusy to give new readers some background, there is an annual craft fair and tag sale held this weekend every year. Many of the town's residents hold there own tag sales the same day. This year was no exception.

This was the first year that my sons really had an understanding of the event. My 7 year old son bought his very own pup tent for a dollar. Its currently pitched out in the yard and he's thrilled with his purchase. My 6 year old son bought a batting helmet and a mini bat for ten cents and he is equally thrilled.

There was a cub scout troop that was selling games and puzzles. We picked up Yahtzee and Mickey Mouse Yahtzee, as well as a puzzle. We actually took Yahtzee to the beach with us this afternoon. I think we're becoming Yahtzee addicts.

The library book sale is always the highlight of the day and this year was no exception. Its always like a treasure hunt finding new books and authors to explore. We walked away with two very full bags spending a total of six dollars.

The girls are always good at picking out a few bargains. They got a lovely table lamp for their bedroom free. They also chipped in and spent two dollars on a pair of roller skates. (They wanted to see what it was like when I was a kid.)

I love cast iron and I found a decorative cast iron utensil set that will look great in my kitchen for two dollars.

Our final stop was at an old camp (for those of you not familar with this term, its a summer bungalow) that had just been sold with its furnishings. The new owners were selling the entire contents because they were planning a major renovation. I was really looking forward to this sale. It had all the makings of a treasure hunt. Instead it turned out to be the great dissapointment of the day.

First of all, nothing was priced and I really hate that. Secondly, the presentation was terrible. There were piles and piles of linens that reeked of mildew. There were mattresses that were mildewy as well. Half broken kitchen and household items littered the floor. All were "for sale" as the new owner kept pointing out as she followed Jim and I around. "Does she think we're going to steal something?" Jim asked me when she finally left us alone to follow someone else.

There was a piece of furniture that had potential as a small bookshelf but it needed work. I was prepared to offer her $5 when she said she'd let us have it for $20. Thats when I knew I was ready to leave.

"I'm throwing everything that doesn't sell in the dumpster," she told us repeatedly but the prices she quoted were not in line with this. It seemed to me that she would have done a lot better to lower her prices since she was planning to throw the stuff out anyway. As we walked out the dumpster was being delivered. I'm sure it wound up being filled to the top.

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