Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What I Brought Home from the Coop

Our monthly food pickup from the cooperative was yesterday. Here's what we bought and why:

25 pounds baby lima beans
These are creamy and delicious, nothing like those nasty, starchy things you remember from the frozen mixed vegetables we had as kids. Everyone in my family loves these.

25 pounds bulgur
This quick cooking grain is great to use in the summer when you want to minimize kitchen time. I sometimes use it in place of rice.

25 pounds chick peas
Chick peas are so versatile. We love them cold in salads, pureed in hummus, baked as a snack, the list could go on and on.

case silken soft tofu
We need this to make our vegan ice cream. I have used it to make a quiche like concoction in a pinch but its not my tofu of choice for anything other than ice cream.

case of Light Life Jumbo Smart Dogs
Its summer time, the kids wanted veggie hot dogs and these seem to be about the best tasting vegan hot dogs I've found.
Warning to new vegetarians/vegans: Veggie hot dogs are a pale imitation of traditional hot dogs. They may look like a hot dog but that's where the similarity ends.

cashew butter
We got this to give a bit of variety from our usual peanut butter. We love almond butter as well but we only buy it on sale because its so pricey.


Anonymous said...

Yummmmmm!! Everything sounds so delicious. How do you bake chick peas?

Katie said...

Check out July 20th's post for the recipes.