Monday, July 31, 2006

The Poop On Junk Mail

This appeared in the 7/28/06: Dollar Stretcher Tips and I just had to share it. My sister is a vet tech and uses shredded paper for her cat's box and it works well but wait until I tell her this idea! For more great tips check out The Dollar Stretcher.

An Appropriate Ending

I have found a great way to recycle unwanted junk mail, credit
card advertisements and any other unwanted paper product. I
shred all of it in my paper shredder and use it instead of cat
litter. This works like a charm and it didn't take my cat any
time to get used to it. Also, I've heard the clay used in
clumping cat litter may not be good for cats. When I first
started doing this, I used 25% shredded paper and 75% cat
litter. With each litter box change, I slowly reduced the cat
litter and added more paper.

Now I don't mind the junk mail all that much. I'm saving
money, reusing material and protecting my personal information
all at once!

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