Thursday, August 03, 2006

Its Too Darn Hot!

Its been disgustingly hot the last two days. We spent most of them sitting in the lake, literally. Today its muggy but not nearly as hot. We've been living on sandwiches and cold cereal.

Our favorite concoction has been hummus and tabbouleh together on whole wheat flatbread or whole wheat bread. We first had this at a party my brother threw and it was a really delicious combination. We also had veggie cold cuts with tomato slices and baby carrots on whole wheat pitas. This was quite a yummy treat as well.


Ruthie said...

Russell (my husband) LOVES hummus and tabouli wraps. I'm think for his birthday this year, I'm going to make a huge recipe of both hummus and tabouli and buy a couple of bags of wraps and give him "Your Favorite Lunch For Your First Week of Graduate School". That, plus the pizza and chocolate cake (can you believe he's 24) should make him the happiest kid in the whole wide world.

Maggie said...

Here's a hit at our house. Saute some (lots) zucchini up, season with your favorite seasonongs & stuff in a whole wheat pita. Very tasty :)

Katie said...

Sounds good Ruthie, it would make me the happiest kid in the whole world too!

Maggie, that sounds good and it ties in with my latest post nicely.