Friday, August 04, 2006

What to Do When the Zucchini Begins to Take Over

This weeks CSA pickup left us with a lot of zucchini. I've already got quite a bit frozen so we opted to make some zucchini bread. I use the recipe from The Compassionate Cook but I use half the amount of sugar and oil. The results are less desserty but really delicious.

I also made a chunky vegetable sauce last night. I started with a little onion and a lot of garlic in some olive oil. I added some diced tomatoes, tomato paste, quite a bit of shredded zucchini and chunks of eggplant. (I had already peeled and chunked the eggplant, sprinkled it with salt and set it in a colander for about 20 minutes to draw the bitterness out. Before using it just rinse it to remove the bitterness and excess salt.)

I let the sauce cook until the eggplant was just tender. I served it over pasta with Russll's TVP The results were delicious.


Ruthie said...

Sounds perfect. I have a bunch of zuchinni and some already baked and seasoned eggplant in the fridge. Plus I've been hankering some good "sghetti" for awhile. :) Unfortunately the co-op was out of TVP so I'll have to do it with lentils.

Michelle said...

A wonderful Zucchini Tomato Tart recipe can be found on the 28 Cooks blog (that I discovered thanks to you).

It is SOOOO tasty!

Audrey said...

We have a farm program at the school. As I was observing the class and rating the teacher, a students came up to me and gave me a zuchinni. I told him that a person could make zuchinni bread. Then, realizing where I was, I said I could make him zuchinni bread. i wound up making the zuchinni bread for over 100 people. What the hell is wrong with me? Do you suggest counseling or medication?

KleoPatra said...

Zucchini is one of those veggies that just never seem to go away. I love 'em but they grow like crazy in gardens and i have had friends who give me mountains of them! Always looking for new recipes for ol' z!

Katie said...

TVP was on sale at our co-op not so long ago so I have tons of it but lentils sound good too!

Thanks for the tip Michelle, that sounds delicious.

Zucchini bread for 100?? When you consider your work environment, childbirth and motherhood will seem like vacation to you!

I agree you can never have too many zucchini recipes.