Thursday, August 24, 2006

Waterbottles & Road Trips

We're taking a little camping trip this weekend and I wanted each of the kids to have a water bottle. I wish I knew what happened to all the water bottles that dissappear over any given school year. Once again we find ourselves approaching the new school year without any non-leaking water holding devices. Today's mision is to find 4 high quality, non-leaky, unbreakable, reasonably priced water holding vessels to get my kids through the weekend and school year.

Our trip will be taking us to Watkins Glen for a visit to Farm Sanctuary and to Ithaca for a peek at the city voted one of North America's Best Veg-Friendly Places to Live by VegNews.

BTW, here's heads up for pet lovers who want the camping experience without the tent but can't find cabin accomodations that will accept their furry friends. KOA Kamprgrounds allow dogs in their kamping kabins (I'm not spelling impaired they do spell everything with a "k"). FYI, they don't allow pit bulls, dobermans, rottweillers or mixes of these.

There will be no new posts until Monday when I recap our weekend adventures.


KleoPatra said...

While i understand, that makes me sad about the KOA rules about those breeds of dogs... So sad.

I am stoked you'll be going to Farm Sanctuary. I want to visit both the CA and the NY ones... one day i shall.

Water bottles seem to evade me and i lose 'em or something. I have bought many over the years and i can never find 'em... it's like a Twilight Zone episode!

Katie said...

It is sad but I was pleased they allowed dogs in the cabins at all.