Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Getting Past Our Obstacles

Sometimes people inspire me. Yesterday it was my neighbors turn. I was waiting for my son's bus to arrive when I caught sight of him. He was walking down the street followed by his nephew who was carrying a chair. Odd, but I have kids so nothing really seems all that odd to me anymore.

It turns out my neighbor has decided to exercise, no small task for a sedentary man who weighs more about 500 pounds. His goal is to walk to the end of the block. The chair is to allow him rest breaks. Ok, its not a marathon but he's making a change.

As a fitness professional, I think he's doing things the right way. He has set small realistic goals and his family is involved. As a fellow human being, I am inspired by his courage. He's not worried about how silly it might look, he's only worried about himself.

We could all learn a lesson from Roy by finding our own obstacles and some creative solutions to them, like Roy's chair.

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