Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Maiden Voyage of the Clothesline

I just hung my first load of laundry on my newly installed clotheline. Its a beautiful day for laundry, sunny and breezy. I have high hopes. I suspect my clothespins are a little low quality to hold up heavy things like jeans, but time will tell. I only dropped one pair of jeans off the deck! Not bad for a newbie.

I firmly believe little changes make a big difference, like those flourescent bulbs. The washer just finished up, time to hang the next load. (I've been shirking my laundry duties!)


Gary said...

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, we had a clothesline out of the back of our third-story rowhouse apartment, right by the kitchen window. In fact, everyone had clotheslines. On sunny weekends, the backyards would be invisible through the three stories of clothes from one end of the block to the other. Every now and then the wind would carry a piece of clothing out of the clutches of the clothespin and into the backyard or onto the fire escape. You'd have neighbors sending their kids over to ring the bell and retrieve the clothing when it flew into adjacent yards. I was often send out on the fire escape or down into the backyard--which served as my landlord's doggie run--for sheets and jeans. A fire escape run meant that they wouldn't have to be relaundered; a backyard landing meant they would.

Tommy Goat said...

As a youngster in the Bronx we used the line in the yard to dry clothes. (We had no dryer.) I also remember being thrilled when I was allowed to hang up / take down / fold the laundry. At some point along the way I realized that I was actually working and laundry duty lost some of it's charm . .

; )


Katie said...

My grandmother always had one of those umbrella type clotheslines in her yard. I thought it was a hoot to see it spin when the wind blew really hard. My parents, on the other hand never had a clothesline. I suspect it was a germ phobia thing.