Monday, April 11, 2005

Reducing Your Electric Bill

We painlessly cut about $20 off our electric bill over the past year by replacing burned out light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs. Every time the electric bill comes I'm suprised. The other perk of this change? Now we only have to change those hard to reach bulbs every couple of years!

This weekend we accomplished another energy saving/electric bill reducing goal and finally hung a clothesline. A wooden rack in the basement just does not cut it for a family of six! I can't wait to start using it today.

A perk of the clothesline getting installed is the humungous tree branch that we had to take down. That's future firewood we're stacking to dry. That may be one of the best examples I can come up with about how your thinking changes when you become more frugal. Frugal thinking requires you to carefully explore every angle before moving on. In the past I would have dragged the downed wood into the woods behind my house and not given it a second thought.

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