Thursday, June 09, 2005

15 Years!!

My hubby and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary today. Looking back, our wedding wasn't particularly frugal, although our honeymoon was. That was mainly because after paying for the wedding we didn't have much left for the honeymoon. In fact, we came home from our honeymoon a day early because we ran out of money.

Our apartment was frugal, low rent and utilities included. Our first house was a fixer upper, priced below market value. We fixed it up and sold it for a decent profit. Definitely a frugal move there, although the thanks have to go to my inlaws. They found the house and helped immensely with the renovations.

That brings us to the current house, bought before the huge real estate boom in our area. That was frugal too, although we didn't realize the way values would go up in our area. That was a lucky break.

The cabin is a vacation spot and an investment (a much better one than the RV we initially bought.) I think its fun and frugal.

Along the way, four kids have come along (future frugalists.) That's funny, even our adoptions were frugal.

We've gotten better at being frugal over the years. In the beginning, it was hard to separate wants from needs. We also weren't really sure what our goals were. They evolved along the way. (We were just kids when we got married.)

Its been a good fifteen years!

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