Thursday, June 23, 2005

They're Here!

Summer has officially begun, all four kids are upstairs sleeping late. There was enough nervous laughter from my daughters' last night to fuel a small city. They need the sleep. Finals are behind them and the lazy days of summer lie ahead. Relax, you're on Adirondack Mountain time now (like the old coffee commercial.)

Today will be spent just organizing the remnants of this year's school experience and seeing where we stand for next year. Are the book bags still useable? What shape are you're sneakers in? What's your clothing situation for next year?

The girls are good. They have mastered the art of accumulating what others have grown weary of. They both got pairs of brand new looking sneakers this way. They always have their eyes open for a bargain.

Later tonight we will pack the car in anticipation of our summer in the mountains. The container gardens will reach their ultimate home tomorrow afternoon and, if all went well with the worm box, be treated to some fresh compost. Packing is work but no one really minds.

The best part about my kids is they participate, almost without question, in so many of my projects like the worm box, solar cooking, and the container gardens. Even when they can't clearly see what the end product will be, they are curious cheerleaders.

Last year I garbage picked an ancient looking lamp and shade. I sponge painted over the gunky gold finish with black rustoleum that we had lying around. I peeled the nasty old fabric off the lampshade and covered it with leftover wallpaper. (I did buy black cording to edge the lampshade and new wiring for the lamp itself.) The result was a lamp that fit right into our funky, country decor.

When I started the lamp project, they couldn't see how this lamp would ever be anything but ugly. As I worked on it, they asked questions and offered suggestions. After it was complete, my daughters were on the lookout for another lamp. They liked the first one so much they wanted me to make one for their room!

I love summer vacation!


Judy386 said...

I'm trying to picture this in my mind. It sounds like so much fun yet peaceful at the same time. I hope you have a wonderful summer! Sounds like you will!!

Katie said...

Thanks Judy!