Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Monday Morning Tag Sale

There is a phenomenon in my area that occurs every Monday morning throughout the warmer months. People routinely put things that didn't sell at their weekend tag sale near the curb with a sign saying "FREE."

This past Monday on my way to my son's preschool we discovered a beautiful wood framed mirror, a scatter rug (it passed the smell test), a chair, and an end table. The mirror will brighten my sons' room which tends to be dark. The rug will make my dogs happy and look better than the towel they've been sleeping on. The chair was a "just in case" grab. My desk chair has a crack that has been repaired but in case it doesn't hold. The end table I would have probably left but my 6 year old kept insisting I could "make it into something beautiful" and "Daddy could put records on it." It will be a summer project for us to work on together.

My 12 year old spotted a pair of brand new looking boys sandals in her travels. It turns out they fit my 6 year old perfectly. I was especially delighted by this find because he already destroyed his sneakers and his work boots are looking a little shabby.

The thing I like best about the Monday freebies is it allows me to be a bit frivolous without spending cash. If something doesn't work out the way I planned, it can be freecycled or put out at the curb at my house.

BTW, to avoid crashing while eyeing curbside piles, it definitely helps to have a spotter in the car. My 12 year old daughter has eagle eyes and my 6 year old is learning the craft well.

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