Thursday, June 30, 2005

Creative Solutions

Kids break things, its inevitable. Sometimes I think my kids break more things than most. Regardless, dealing with this requires some creative solutions. Here's a recent example from our house.

Last week we lost one of the hooks that hold up the shower curtain to a temper fit. I know its not a big ticket item but I hate to buy a whole set when I need just one, especially considering the manner in which it was broken. I had leftover hooks from who knows when but none were a full set, although one set was the same style as the one that broke. The solution? Alternate the two different color hooks making it look deliberate. We were fortunate that the broken hooks were clear and the spares were white so it blended nicely. I'm not sure this would have worked so well with clashing colors.

Did that save enough money to send a kid to college? No, but the way we look at and tackle problems like this one reflects our overall attitude toward money. There was a time when I would have just run to the store for new hooks. (Its only a few dollars, no big deal.) Now, I really try to find solutions before reaching for my wallet. Little savings really add up over time.

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