Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kids & the Containers

The canteloupe plants have a lot of flowers and the zucchini plants are not far behind. The worms are actually making compost. I harvested some of the compost and added it to all the containers. I swear the plants look perkier already but it may just be wishful thinking.

My sons are really impressed with all of this. They keep checking to see if anything is ready to eat. I let them pick some of the basil I have growing in one of the containers for tonight's dinner. They thought that was really neat.

People are amazed at how willing my kids all are to try new foods. I think part of that willingness stems from the hands on experiences they have with food whether at our CSA or in our home gardens. Its not magic, its just exposure and involvement. It's the magic of planting a seed and following it until it bears fruit (or vegetable.)

It sounds like we'll be having a whole bunch of company tomorrow. I'll share my frugal successes and failures tomorrow evening.

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