Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bras for the Cantelopes

A key part of frugality is the ability to be creative. Its the desire to look at a problem and come up with a solution other than a trip to the store. It can be inborn or cultivated over time. The more you do it, the more naturally it comes to you. Such is the case with the bras for the canteloupes.

I've mentioned before that the canteloupes I'm growing in a container are doing very well. Currently I've got two canteloups the size of raquetballs, four the the size of golf balls and quite a few pea size ones. Since I have the canteloupes growing on a trellis, common garden wisdom recommends that they be supported in some way. Pantyhose tied to the trellis are the preferable source of support. They stretch as the canteloupes grow and don't hold moisture. The only problem is I haven't worn pantyhose in years, I hate them! It was time to get creative.

While pondering my canteloupes' lack of support, I checked the laundry on the line for dryness and discovered a bra that had clearly seen better days. It met the criteria, it was still sort of stretchy and it dried quickly. A little twine and some creative cutting and the canteloupes are firmly nestled in their new bras. My eldest daughter is still a little concerned about the whole thing. (It was her old bra and she walked out just in time to see me cutting it apart and attaching it to the plant.) Honestly, you can't tell it was once a bra. If the plants had been in the back yard rather than the front, I would have just cut the cups off and used them as is.

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