Sunday, July 24, 2005

Stocking the Freezer One Week at a Time

Each week I try to freeze at least one container of vegetables from our CSA pickup. Some weeks I've put away as many as four big containers. Usually its the strong flavored greens. I find they are more palatable in the stronger flavored chilis and soups of the winter months rather than lighter summer meals. Our freezer has begun to fill up nicely. Its a good feeling. Every meal that I don't have to buy organic veggies for over the winter is money saved.

This morning we finally got around to picking those wild blueberries and raspberries we found on our property. They were delicious! We're keeping an eye out for more. Saturday we'll be checking out the status of the apple tree at my parent's house. They were planning to take it down but I'm hoping I've convinced them to let us harvest apples first! One person's nuisance is another person's applesauce.

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